Finding help for a child with a mental illness is challenging, 17,100,000 children in the US have had or have a mental illness — that number represents 34,200,000 parents. Parents desperate to get their children help.

In a national survey 87% of parents say “it is difficult or impossible to find appropriate care.”

Only 1 in 5 children with a mental illness receives treatment.


Parent Stories

We are not alone.

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A note from a former colleague changes my life, and hers. Alone at my kitchen table trying to launch this huge project, sometimes I get overwhelmed and discouraged. Last week I received a note... READ MORE

My son. My Mentor.

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How well I remember The Gaze… Any mother and most fathers can tell you about The Gaze, that first moment when your newborn child fixes his or her eyes on you and makes... READ MORE

Privately Saving Charlie

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My son Charlie suffers from what can be a life threatening chronic illness. As any mother would, I have dedicated my life to keeping my son alive, improving his condition and finding help... READ MORE

Why Michael Jordan is Wrong

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Michael Jordan hates labels. He rips them off of strangers in movie theaters and airplanes. And Michael Jordan is also right, clothing labels can be irritating and painful, but they can stop you... READ MORE

Losing It.

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Today I lost my job. It isn’t exactly lost – I know where it is. It was put in the capable hands of a woman who doesn’t have two kids with mental illness.... READ MORE