When I explain to people my vision for @Wit’s End, I get two reactions. Mental illness professionals can not believe something like it doesn’t already exist. When I tell parents who have kids like mine, their eyes widen with the look of hope – and then they plead with me, “Start it soon Tricia! We need it now!”

That’s when I know I am doing the right thing, although frequently I feel a little bit over my head.

@Wit’s End will be a first of its kind resource for parents (or anyone) whose child suffers from a mental illness.

It will include a series of questions specific to the child and the family situation in order to populate the proper resources. These resources (doctors, treatments centers, psychiatrists, therapists, schools, hospitals, support groups, etc) will be vetted by @Wit’s End, but more importantly will be open to review and ratings by other parents and professionals.  Finding ways to pay for these resources will be an important service as well.

We are still in the nascent stages of developing the final site, but have gotten the attention of some pretty awesome people and organizations. If you would like to help – check out our Team Page.