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Tricia Slavik

The founder of @Wit’s End is a mother intimately familiar with the overwhelming challenges that face the loved ones of mentally ill children. With more than 20 years in the field of marketing, advertising, and non-profit development, she has made @Wit’s End her life’s mission. Tricia’s passion for this cause is motivated by her own two children and by the thousands of dedicated parents who have spent countless hours trying to find help for their children – journeys down many dead-end paths that drain emotional energy and create undue financial burdens.

The Team @Wit’s End

@Wit’s End is a big idea that started with one mother who has been at her wit’s end on many an occasion. A team of highly educated and talented volunteers from across the country have been working diligently to make @Wits End a reality.  We found this amazing team of volunteers through a stellar organization called Catchafire. Without them, @Wit’s End would still be just a a really good idea and not the reality it is quickly becoming. Check out Catchafire, you will be glad you did.

There is still much to be done and we need volunteers, investors, cheerleaders, word-spreaders, advisors and some world-class programmers. Interested? Get in touch!

  • Product Plan: Heather Kugelmass, M.A., PhD Candidate Princeton University and Charles Rathkopf, PhD, National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, Brian So, PhD Candidate, Princeton University
  • Market Analysis: Andreas Ferstad, MBA, London School of Economics, GLG,
  • Financial Forecasting : Ben Simonds, BlackRock, Associate,
  • Parental Survey: Elizabeth Tompkins, MA, Uppsalla University, Ashoka,
  • Social Media Plan: Rachel West MSW, The Political Social Worker
  • Infographic: Nicholas Bloom, PhD candidate, Duke University
  • Website Audit & WordPress Development: Heather Hogan, Web Strategy Consultant
  • Logo: Rick Kilby, award winning author and graphic designer, Kilby Creative
  • Copywriting: Kimiko Martinez, Communications Manager, Natural Resource Defense Council