Christmas Past. Christmas Presents

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How Mental Illness Shapes Our Christmas About ten years ago, we had “The Best Christmas Ever!”  My kid’s declaration, not mine.  At the time we were still a family of four, their Dad was still in their lives and Santa … Continued

Privately Saving Charlie

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My son Charlie suffers from what can be a life threatening chronic illness. As any mother would, I have dedicated my life to keeping my son alive, improving his condition and finding help for him anyway I can. Unlike most … Continued

Why Michael Jordan is Wrong

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Michael Jordan hates labels. He rips them off of strangers in movie theaters and airplanes. And Michael Jordan is also right, clothing labels can be irritating and painful, but they can stop you from shrinking a favorite sweater or ruining … Continued

Losing It.

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Today I lost my job. It isn’t exactly lost – I know where it is. It was put in the capable hands of a woman who doesn’t have two kids with mental illness. A woman whose children don’t have countless … Continued

Mom on Mom Love

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Moms: Five things to say to a Mom raising a child with a mental illness. Today. 1. “You are a good mom.” Too many of us carry around tremendous guilt that somehow, someway our child’s illness is our fault. Mental … Continued

Fighting the Good Fight

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Single mom wins court battle in support of her children, uses rarely cited law. CALIFORNIA – A woman with two children who both suffer from a variety of mental illnesses won an unusual court battle last week in a rural … Continued

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