Tough Love.

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Can you imagine loving your 12-year old child so much that you know leaving him in jail is what is best for him? This is a painful wake-up call for our country’s need for services. We can talk gun control … Continued

Bad Parent? No way.

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7 Myths About Child Mental Health Psychiatric disorders are not a result of bad parenting— or poor willpower—and they won’t just go away. TOPICS Harold S. Koplewicz, MD President CHILD MIND INSTITUTE It is easy to empathize with suffering we … Continued


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On Saturday night – around 8-ish my son Charlie announced “I am out of pills.” “Which ones?” I muttered from the couch, under a blanket, in my jammies, fully engrossed in a great movie. “All four of them.” This is … Continued

“I am Adam Lanza’s Mother.”

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Liza Long dared to write this headline in her blog after the shootings in Newtown. For people who don’t understand, the headline was inflammatory. For people who do, like me, it was an emotional read and made us feel less … Continued

Celebrating Bridget.

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Today is my daughter’s 20th birthday.  She was born the most beautiful and intelligent baby in the world. No seriously. Ok, every baby is the most special baby in the world, but you know how first time parents can be. … Continued

Another Day, Another Diagnosis

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B.E.D.  Let’s add that delicious morsel to our Alphabet Soup of Disorders.  Today my daughter was diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder. In the thirteen years since both my daughter and son have been treated for mental illness, we have landed … Continued

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