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Last modified on July 21, 2015

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Type of Provider: Behavior Analyst, Child Advcate, Informational Resource/Support, Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Support Group, Therapist, Treatment Center


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Innovation and information can bring transformation. The Child Mind Institute is improving the lives of children and teens struggling with psychiatric and learning disorders by integrating the following elements:

  • Accessible, evidence-based clinical care for children and their families
  • Visionary, collaborative research engaging scientists from around the world in the discovery of more effective treatments and the exploration of new frontiers in the science of healthy brain development
  • Trustworthy, comprehensive information and resources to educate and empower parents
  • Passionate, focused advocacy to destigmatize childhood psychiatric disorders and bring effective care to families around the globe

Explore our specialized clinical programs, where children receive expert diagnostic evaluation and personalized treatment. Whatever the challenge, we can help your family.

Our Centers
ADHD and Disruptive Behavior Disorders Center

Anxiety and Mood Disorders Center

Center for the Developing Brain
Learning and Development Center
Our Services
Psychopharmacology Service
Stress and Resilience Program
Selective Mutism Service
Neuropsychological and Educational Assessment
School-Based Consultation Services
Autism Spectrum Disorder Service
Speech and Language Service
Depression Service for Children & Adolescents
Resources for U.S. Military Families


Years in Practice: 9


Sliding Scale Available

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